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Day 10: Favorite Holiday Scent

I guess it wouldn't be necessarily considered a "Holiday" scent, but this time of the year I LOVE the smell of fresh baked goodies! Cookies, cinnamon rolls-you name it. My current favorite is this candle I purchased at Jo-Anne Fabrics. It has 3 layers of amazing scents.

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The Sky’s Ablaze

Took this yesterday morning as the sun rose.

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Sleeping Bear Dunes (2007)

Wow, has it been 8 years already? The summer of 2007 my parents took me at my two best friends at the time to Sleeping Bear Dunes. It was a wonderful trip. We turned everything into a joke relating to dunes...you had to be there 😛 There are many neat trails and scenic lookouts throughout… Continue reading Sleeping Bear Dunes (2007)

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Fall Cocktail

Delicious, crisp, and warms you up in the cooler weather! My favorite cocktail to make in the fall is this one. Not sure if there's a name for it, I just call it the cinnamon apple 🙂 Take your favorite hard cider (I go for a local one made at Blakes) and add some fireball… Continue reading Fall Cocktail