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City View

Big cities are so dreamy to me. Chicago skyline- taken by me on 9/3.

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Chicago Skyline 

Taken with my Samsung galaxy s6 on 9/3. Chicago, IL.

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Throwback Thursday- April 20th

Sometimes I can close my eyes and feel myself somewhere else. Barbados is one of them. Bathsheba is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I have no words good enough nor do I have any pictures that can truly do it justice. It has to be experienced firsthand.

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Cheat Weekend- Mini Vacation Edition

For the most part I have been very good on this Keto diet. But the second my husband mentioned he wanted to check out Traverse City this weekend, I knew I had to let it go and indulge. And yes, it does make you feel sick when you go from barely any carbs/sugar to ALLLLL… Continue reading Cheat Weekend- Mini Vacation Edition