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Where Have I Been?!

Has it really taken me two weeks to finally sit down and blog? Yikes! Life got pretty crazy there for a little while, but all in good ways. I am in the final couple weeks of my summer semester in college which means the coursework has almost doubled and the final exams are starting to… Continue reading Where Have I Been?!

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Harmony of the Seas- Worlds Largest Cruise Ship!

Last week was one for the books! We spent an amazing week on the current biggest cruise ship in the world. I was extremely impressed from the second I stepped foot on the ship. I'm going to give you an overview of my favorite parts of the ship. I'll be doing a review of the… Continue reading Harmony of the Seas- Worlds Largest Cruise Ship!

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Vacation Preparation

Good evening all! I am officially halfway though week 4 of my new lifestyle. It has been quite the journey and I've been working my butt off! I've been told that after 28 days it becomes a habit without much thought...I think I may already be there a few days early ­čÖé With all of… Continue reading Vacation Preparation

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Honeymoon Highlights

Yesterday afternoon we left our cruise ship in sunny Puerto Rico and returned home to the frozen tundra that is Michigan. Going from 85 degrees and sunny to 10 degrees and snowing is definitely a shock to the lungs are on fire! Anywho, We flew down to Old San Juan on the first of… Continue reading Honeymoon Highlights