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New Toy!

My birthday is not for another week and a half (25 on the 25th, woohoo!) but my husband surprised me today with my gift a little early. I now have been upgraded from the basic fitbit flex to the fitbit charge 2. I love it! Can't wait to start better tracking my fitness 🙂

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Early Presents

Logan and I decided to exchange gifts tonight. It's too hard to find a place to hide things when you live together in a small apartment. Even though we had an agreement not to spend a lot on each other due to all the things we have going on right now, he still managed to… Continue reading Early Presents

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Day 15: The Best Gift You’ve Given

I'd say the best gift I've given is the James Bond anniversary set that has every single movie in it. Logan is obsessed with James Bond! I was out two years ago on black Friday, and Best Buy had it marked down majorly, I had to get it for him. He has it sitting in… Continue reading Day 15: The Best Gift You’ve Given

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Mr. & Mrs.

How cute are these passport covers my wonderful friend got for my Fiance and I?! We are having a destination wedding so this is absolutely perfect. 161 more days until we say "I Do" on the beautiful island of St. Thomas ❤