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Like a virus you infected me Sinking into each and every pore Hopelessly longing for something more Consuming my every thought and feeling Despite this desperate need for healing     Poem and picture by me

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A Flashback- 2014

It was September of 2014 when I took this. We (our whole family) were on a week long trip to Topsail island. It was cool and rainy most of the week, but this day it warmed up and the sun was shining! I took a 4 mile walk on the beach all by my lonesome.… Continue reading A Flashback- 2014

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A Lingering Summer

Sweet signs of summer linger around, peaking out at dusk; just waiting to be found. Fall closes in and is here to stay, but I still hear the whisper of those sunny days. Taken with my galaxy s6 this evening.

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Afternoon Stroll

I've been at my parents home most of the day (laundry day, oh joy!) And I took a lovely walk this morning. Behind the woods on the other side of their neighborhood is a sub division that was never built. The road was cemented in a big loop, but never any homes. It makes for… Continue reading Afternoon Stroll

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Pictures taken by me. January 2015,  pulling into Fort de France.

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Maho Beach

Pictures taken by me in St. Maarten.    Watching the planes land from the sunset bar & grill on Maho Beach!

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My friendly visitor returned yet again 🙂