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What I Ate Wednesdays

So I'm trying something new here. I input my food on My Fitness Pal, but I thought once a week I'd share what a day looks like in my Keto lifestyle. Here is what I had today! Started off with a bulletproof coffee to get myself motivated. I started work later in the afternoon today… Continue reading What I Ate Wednesdays

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Chicken & Stuffing Casserole

Mmm mmm mmm! I came across this recipe while browsing on Pinterest. Tweaked it a little to fit our tastes, the results were great! Had to freeze some...really is hard to cook for only two people 😛 You'll need: 3 boneless chicken breasts, halved 2 Tbsp garlic powder 2 boxes of chicken stuffing 2 cans… Continue reading Chicken & Stuffing Casserole

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Easy Meatballs

Perfect day for some pasta! I had a bunch of meatless sauce frozen from the last time we had spaghetti, and my Fiancé had mentioned he had a taste for meatballs, good timing! This recipe is my go to for meatballs. Very quick, easy, and will taste good with any pasta dish. You'll need: 1… Continue reading Easy Meatballs

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Greek Salad

From time to time I have lunch with my grandparents at a lovely little mom & pop restaurant called Shore Breeze. It's located in Clinton Twp, MI. Their food is deeeeelish! My favorite is the Greek salad. The chef home makes the dressing and it is phenomenal. I always prefer going to these kinds of… Continue reading Greek Salad

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Junction Buoy

I would say today was the best weather we've had all summer here in Michigan! 85 and sunny, nice breeze, and low humidity. We took the opportunity and drove up to Junction Buoy in Marysville for a nice lunch on the St. Clair River. My fiance first took me here a few years ago, and… Continue reading Junction Buoy