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Where Have I Been?!

Has it really taken me two weeks to finally sit down and blog? Yikes! Life got pretty crazy there for a little while, but all in good ways. I am in the final couple weeks of my summer semester in college which means the coursework has almost doubled and the final exams are starting to… Continue reading Where Have I Been?!

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Your Life Is Your Own!

Good morning and happy Saturday! I hope everyone had an amazing week. This morning I came across this quote and it immediately resonated with me: I have touched on this slightly before, but I think it is extremely important to reiterate. I myself have struggled with comparing my life to others. At almost 25, there… Continue reading Your Life Is Your Own!

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My Veggie Year- Week 3

Week 3 of this lifestyle change is coming to an end. This week I upped my workouts from 3x to 5x. Monday-Wednesday-Friday I run on the treadmill, Tuesday-Thursday I work on abs/arms. So far so good! I did have my cheat meal last night at my hubby's work just can't say no to a… Continue reading My Veggie Year- Week 3