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The Laziest Saturday

Today was just what I needed to refresh! Nice and cool, rainy, and had a nice little fortress set up 😛 And then Walter had to join... Couldn't have pictured a better day. Ready to take on the week ahead!

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A Lingering Summer

Sweet signs of summer linger around, peaking out at dusk; just waiting to be found. Fall closes in and is here to stay, but I still hear the whisper of those sunny days. Taken with my galaxy s6 this evening.

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Yeah yeah, I MAY have jumped on the Pumpkin bandwagon. But it was oh so delicious. First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. In the past I have usually gotten them from Starbucks, but this year I got it from Bigby and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a million times better! Much more flavor.… Continue reading PSL

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Chi-Town in Black & White

All pictures taken by me in Chicago, Illinois. April 2012. Edited with Pixlr.

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The Little Things

The littlest moments in life make me the happiest. Today: These adorable little babies grazed the dandelions in our backyard. Mama swan tended to her nest as Papa swan patrolled the canal. And after an awfully stormy evening, beauty emerged from the darkness.