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2018 Goals

We are a couple weeks into the new year and it's given me plenty of time to reflect and make some plans for the year ahead. My first priority is going to be graduating. I am on track to graduate at the end of Summer with my Bachelors in Strategic Leadership. I cannot wait and… Continue reading 2018 Goals


2017: A Reflection

On this day in 2016, I was unhealthy, unhappy, an anxious mess, and felt like I had no idea what direction to take with my life. I felt like because I was only working part-time and sleeping away my days off that I was not living the life I should be. NYE when the clock… Continue reading 2017: A Reflection


December Goals 2017

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was jotting down my November goals, where has the month gone?! I ended off November with a horrible, week long cold/virus that kicked my butt, with severe level nyquil and dayquil being my only solace. Kicked me out of ketosis and set me back a tad-… Continue reading December Goals 2017

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Staying Healthy During The Holidays

I want to preface this by saying there is nothing wrong with indulging! Tis the season of treats and by all means, if you want to eat some goodies- go for it! I am choosing not to this year and after having a successful ketogenic Thanksgiving, I thought I would share some tips and also… Continue reading Staying Healthy During The Holidays

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Thankful & Grateful 2017

The next few days are about to be quite hectic as I am the wonderful host for this years Thanksgiving dinner! Between prepping food, getting ahead on homework, and getting my condo family ready- I though I would share with you what I am thankful for this year. First and foremost: my family. I have… Continue reading Thankful & Grateful 2017

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Operation: Bar

It was a very rainy and cold daylight savings Sunday, which made for a good project day! Logan and I woke up with the urge to rearrange things...which turned into an idea to finally make a bar for the dining area and make plans to re-finish our other furniture. We found this cute and rustic… Continue reading Operation: Bar

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November Goals

November 1st, 2017...the day I officially had to put on my winter coat. I may be bit perturbed about that. But that's what comes with living in Michigan! As much as I am missing the warmer weather, I am honestly looking forward to the next couple months. Holiday season has begun which means plenty of… Continue reading November Goals