Happy New Year!

2020, the start of a new decade- wow! The last decade brought SO much change and it was amazing. I graduated high school at the start in 2010, then went on to meet my husband, get married, graduate college, and do a boat load of amazing traveling all over the world. Ended the decade by… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Our NICU Journey

When you first hear your babies are not able to come home with you, your heart shatters into a million pieces. I was sent home after carrying these little ones for almost 9 months, and a fresh wound across my abdomen and a hospital bracelet was all I had to show for it. I get… Continue reading Our NICU Journey



So I realize that I am the worst. I had all these plans to blog my twin life but truth be told life became crazy since my last posting back in August (has it been that long?! Dang!) This is probably going to be an unorganized post but bear with me, my brain is a… Continue reading Hi.


24 Weeks

Good morning, and happy daylight savings if your state participates! I'm grateful for the extra sunlight as I've been on a vitamin D supplement for months- and all that extra darkness did not help with my already sleepy pregnant self. Today we reach a huge milestone in this pregnancy: viability outside of the womb. These… Continue reading 24 Weeks