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My parents are in the process of cleaning out there storage room. They found a couple boxes filled with things they saved from when I was a child. I had to laugh because there are so many funny journal entries (even as a kid I loved to write) and funny drawings. This is from 1998-… Continue reading 1998

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A Day

Do you ever just have one of those days? Yesterday was it for me. I'll give you a little run down: Woke up later than usual and rushed out the door in a hurry, forgetting to make myself coffee. Got to work with the intention of having coffee there, only for it to be so… Continue reading A Day

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A Book Worth Reading

I ordered this book on Amazon a few weeks ago and just finished it the other day. I like self-help books, especially ones filled with humor and realistic examples. This is by far my favorite (along with You Are A Badass). One thing this book likes its readers to to is create a list of… Continue reading A Book Worth Reading