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Prague, without a doubt, is one of the most stunning cities I have ever visited. The architecture is incredible and I found myself roaming the streets in absolute awe of everything I saw. Here are some snapshots from when I visited back in April.

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Endings, Beginnings.

Tomorrow is July 1st, which means in just a few short weeks my self-proclaimed "quarter life crisis" will come to an end. I dreaded turning 25 because I felt like I was behind where I should be in life and felt I was stuck in an unhappy routine. I vowed to make this my "year… Continue reading Endings, Beginnings.

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Long Time-No See!

Well well well...look who decided to make an appearance. Life has definitely gotten the best of me these last few months. Between Logan fracturing his ankle, unexpectedly landing a promotion (woohoo), and spending every ounce of free time working on my Bachelors degree- I just let this slip into the shadows for a while. I've… Continue reading Long Time-No See!