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The Friend Who Wasn’t Much Of A Friend

We've all been there, so I feel like many will be able to relate to this. Recently I had a blast from the past try to communicate with me. It was very difficult for me to make the decision, yet again, to end the conversation quickly and I had a very overwhelming sense of guilt for… Continue reading The Friend Who Wasn’t Much Of A Friend

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This weekend was so refreshing and much needed. It was the first time in weeks I have seen my husband laugh and have a good time since before his accident. Laughter really is the best medicine. Friday night we ended up staying at my parents house. Much bacardi was consumed and bad dance moves all… Continue reading Laughter

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My ladies really pulled it off and gave me a night to remember! Well...most of it that I'm piecing together still 🙂 My bachelorette party was a total success. I had so much fun and am so grateful for all my friends did for me! From the pure romance party to dancing on stage at… Continue reading #EmsBachBash2k15