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November Goals

November 1st, 2017...the day I officially had to put on my winter coat. I may be bit perturbed about that. But that's what comes with living in Michigan! As much as I am missing the warmer weather, I am honestly looking forward to the next couple months. Holiday season has begun which means plenty of… Continue reading November Goals

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May Life

It has been a minute hasn't it! I spent most of last week getting a grip on how to balance my work/school/social life/etc, and well...I'll try again this week, ha! My days were pretty simple but then throwing in 3 accelerated online courses shook things up a bit. I'm happy to say I aced all… Continue reading May Life

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A New Chapter Begins…

My journey for a bachelors degree has started! I'm doing a fully online program in Leadership and Management through a local university here in the mitten. I must admit, first logging on was overwhelming because it has been a few years, but now the ball is rolling and I'm ready to kick behind. Walter is… Continue reading A New Chapter Begins…