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Low-Carb Coffee Treat

I absolutely love vanilla and hazelnut cappuccino's, but they are typically loaded up with sugar and carbs! Instead of wrecking my diet I figured I would try and re-create a healthier version here at home. I am very happy with the results and thought I would share it with you all! Ingredients:  1 cup coffee… Continue reading Low-Carb Coffee Treat

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Coffee Time

Good morning all! Although it's gloomy and rainy outside I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. As you know I love my coffee, and I've discovered a new way to drink it this week. Bulletproof Coffee -you may have heard of it? It is full of good fats and energizing mct… Continue reading Coffee Time

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Chic Decor

I'd like to preface this by saying that I walked into Hobby Lobby to buy some paint...two hours and $80 later...woops! Sometimes you just don't know your apartment needs some uplifting until inspiration is all around you. My Keurig had been sitting on top of an ugly old nightstand for too long. I found this… Continue reading Chic Decor

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I must say, it has been a very strange Fall so far. We had a small snow storm last weekend, but it melted a day or two later. Now it is December 1st, 45 and raining, and not a snow shower in sight. I could get used to this... 🙂 A warm toast to everyone

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National Coffee Day

Caffeine lovers, rejoice! I discovered my love of coffee in my early teens. Started with the super sugary Starbucks frappucinos, and now I can simply drink it black if it's the right blend. I rarely ever put sugar in my coffee, and if I do it's in the form of some creamer that already has… Continue reading National Coffee Day