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A New Chapter Begins…

My journey for a bachelors degree has started! I'm doing a fully online program in Leadership and Management through a local university here in the mitten. I must admit, first logging on was overwhelming because it has been a few years, but now the ball is rolling and I'm ready to kick behind. Walter is… Continue reading A New Chapter Begins…

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Favorite Winter Memory

My favorite winter memory is from a couple years ago. It was December of 2014, not too long after we adopted our Walter kitty. He was only about 6 1/2 months old and very curious. Right as I began putting up our Christmas tree he went crazy! Climbing the tree and batting all the ornaments… Continue reading Favorite Winter Memory

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Day 8: Christmas Pets

So of course we have Walter in his cute little costumes 🙂 I'm not sure what we're getting him for Christmas this year. We're doing our shopping Friday night/Saturday because of course finances were a little tight this season! I'd love to get him some sort of kitty hammock and definitely more cat nip filled… Continue reading Day 8: Christmas Pets