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Hilton Beach Resort- Ft. Lauderdale

As usual, we flew down a day early before our cruise last month. You really can't chance a same day flight when you're flying from Michigan! My parents and us were booked for a night stay at the Hilton Beach Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and we were very impressed the second we arrived. The… Continue reading Hilton Beach Resort- Ft. Lauderdale

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Where to Next?

Took this in Daytona Beach a few years back. Florida is on my mind right now as I have many family members down there preparing for this awful hurricane. Wishing them and any of you who are down there safety over the next couple days!

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A Flashback- 2014

It was September of 2014 when I took this. We (our whole family) were on a week long trip to Topsail island. It was cool and rainy most of the week, but this day it warmed up and the sun was shining! I took a 4 mile walk on the beach all by my lonesome.… Continue reading A Flashback- 2014

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Aruba has the most beautiful blue waters! Taken during our honeymoon this past January at Arashi Beach, Aruba.

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Ocean Cravings

What is it about tough times that make the urge to travel skyrocket 1000%? With all of life's current stresses, it's tempting to switch around some vacation time to squeeze in a trip late this upcoming Summer. The hubs and I could use some R&R, plus I'd love to show him around my favorite place… Continue reading Ocean Cravings