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Pina Colada

My drink of choice on vacation. The bartender made them just how I like em'! (rum, rum, and more rum!)

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My ladies really pulled it off and gave me a night to remember! Well...most of it that I'm piecing together still 🙂 My bachelorette party was a total success. I had so much fun and am so grateful for all my friends did for me! From the pure romance party to dancing on stage at… Continue reading #EmsBachBash2k15

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So, I had planned on going hiking today...but my immune system had other plans! Luckily I don't feel as bad as flu ridden Logan, but it's in my best interest to not go hiking in 40 degree weather with a cold... Last night was super fun though! I went to my old neighborhood, St. Clair… Continue reading Shorestoberfest

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Margaritas By The Sea

Sounds nice right about now, doesn't it? Took this during my last trip to Daytona Beach, at the wonderful Sloppy Joe's bar overlooking the ocean!