Hello from South Carolina!

Tomorrow will officially mark one month since we relocated from Michigan to South Carolina! It has flown by. Lets see…we survived a 15 hour car ride in the rain with two infants, the babies turned 9 months old, and now we are living through a pandemic. It’s been pretty eventful! I must say, I am VERY happy that we made the move before things started getting scary in the world. Everyone we’ve met has been incredibly nice and I look forward to being able to meet some new people and really get to work once this virus is under control.

Logan had to go back to Michigan for a week after we got down here. So my MIL and I took the babies out to explore a little and get settled. Once Logan returned we took a couple day trips to sight-see and visit family in a nearby city.

I’m loving the weather, and despite having quite a few rainy days I will take that over snow any day. I miss my family and best friend back home, but moving was the best opportunity we’ve ever been given and I’m so grateful that we get to plant our roots here.

2 thoughts on “Hello from South Carolina!”

  1. Great photos, guys! I’m happy for all four of you. Good timing on the move too, wow. ğŸ˜Ž I wish good health for all of your family in these very difficult days. 🙂


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