So I realize that I am the worst. I had all these plans to blog my twin life but truth be told life became crazy since my last posting back in August (has it been that long?! Dang!) This is probably going to be an unorganized post but bear with me, my brain is a little unorganized lately from sleep deprivation, LOL.

My boys are now 6 and a half months old. Since returning back to work at the end of Summer the time has flown faster than I could’ve ever imagined. My once little preemies are now chunky sacks of potatoes and SO giggly and happy. As much as I am exhausted I am absolutely smitten. My heart has never known a love so deep.


I plan on (I’m saying plan lightly because I don’t know how consistent time will allow me to post), making time so share the twin parent journey and my experiences with you guys. I’d like to back track a little and start from birth. I feel like there’s not enough resources for twin parents and I’d love to give some insight into what it’s really like, not some sugarcoated fluffed up stories, but the raw look into it. As beautiful as it’s been it has also been the biggest challenge of my life, especially being a working mom!

Here are a few holiday shots of our little men 🙂

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