Almost There

Today I am 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant with our twin boys. Time has honestly flown by! When we first found out we were expecting twins, it was definitely a whirlwind. You hear of all kinds of potential risks involved for the babies and myself, and EVERYONE seems to have a story about twins. I’m happy to say that we are this far along and have not had any complications.


Our last ultrasound was a week and a half ago, and babies were already measuring 5lbs 3oz each, which amazed me. They are fraternal so they are not fighting each other for nutrients- and I’m making sure to eat a lot of protein and healthy goods to get them packing on the pounds.

As far as mama goes, I am beat. I made it working full time up until 34 weeks before it became to hard to get around. My ankles and feet swell like you wouldn’t believe, sleep is basically nonexistent, my back/hips throb, and I developed the PUPP rash which is absolutely miserable (and the only cure is giving birth). Despite the discomfort, I am absolutely blessed that none of this is harmful to the babies or myself!

If we make it to the 37 week mark we will be scheduling either an induction or c-section depending on the boys’s positioning. As for now, lot’s of rest is on the agenda as we wait for these little miracles arrival.


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