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Long Time-No See!

Well well well…look who decided to make an appearance.

Life has definitely gotten the best of me these last few months. Between Logan fracturing his ankle, unexpectedly landing a promotion (woohoo), and spending every ounce of free time working on my Bachelors degree- I just let this slip into the shadows for a while.

I’ve finally settled into my new position at work and received my long awaited graduation letter. As of December 15th I will have a Bachelors of Science in Strategic Leadership!

I’d love to be able to share an amazing weight loss update. However, the reality is I have been the same weight for a solid 6 weeks, not been following Keto whatsoever, and have been “going to the gym tomorrow maybe” for about a month. Life happens…

As for now, I sit here staring at packed suit cases for our upcoming trip to Europe. I cannot wait for this exciting journey and I will be sharing photos of my travels along the way!


xo- Em


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