What I Ate Wednesdays 7/26

Why do all my bad days have to be Wednesday all of a sudden?! Going to keep it real with you all as always. My intentions were to wake up early and get things done before I started work. But if I’m being honest I slept until 9:30, chugged a black cup of coffee, and watched the news until the last possible second.

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, and I gladly took a slice of the delicious cake that awaited me in the office. I told myself I would get a grip when it came to dinner…but…


#@$!. Stuff happens. I have worked so hard to get to this point in my weight loss, but sometimes old habits sneak back in. Self-control is an ongoing learning experience, and slip ups are okay. I will hold myself accountable and pick back up in the morning, no excuses!


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