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Reflection & Growth

Tomorrow I am turning 25 years of age.

To be honest, I have been struggling with this the closer it got. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have my ducks in a row, or I should be further ahead then I am now, and so on. All these thoughts solely based on what I see other people my age doing with their lives. The comparison stops now.

I read “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes back in February of this year. The inspiration it gave me was overwhelming and I’ve been quietly planning to make 25, my quarter life crises (ha), my very own Year of Yes. I need to stop sulking and get myself doing things I’ve always wanted to do, as well as things I have been afraid of. I have a small list already that I will continue to add to as the year moves on which so far consists of:

  • Travel to Europe for the first time (Booked for March!!!)
  • Get my scuba certification
  • Take a scuba trip afterwards
  • Sky Dive (yes, the girl who is terrified of heights is doing it)
  • Run a 5K

And overall, say yes to any challenging or out of my comfort zone opportunity that arises.



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