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Visible Progress/N.S.V

The picture on the left was taken last July at mine and Logan’s wedding reception. Although it was a happy day, I cringed looking at all the pictures because I had let myself get so unhealthy. It was a tough year and I had turned to food to “fix” my problems. I stayed on this destructive path until NYE when I decided it was now or never.

Fast forward to yesterday (right picture). I am down 22 pounds and counting. I am amazed at how just a few months of hard work has payed off so far. Has a cheat day turned into a week? Yes. Have I opted to sit on the couch versus working out? Many times. But I always got back on track, and I did not beat myself up or let my mind insult me. Giving up was NEVER an option!

I can’t express how happy I am to be only 8 pounds away from my first weight loss journey goal. From there on out the focus will be toning and becoming stronger 🙂



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