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May Life

It has been a minute hasn’t it! I spent most of last week getting a grip on how to balance my work/school/social life/etc, and well…I’ll try again this week, ha! My days were pretty simple but then throwing in 3 accelerated online courses shook things up a bit. I’m happy to say I aced all of the first weeks assignments despite it being so new to me! Now it’s a new week and a new opportunity to succeed πŸ™‚

Mr. Walter sure loves to beg for attention while I’m at my busiest..

I’m working my hardest to keep my keto lifestyle going strong. Last week was full of snacking and eating meals at weird times so I am determined to get a grip on that this week since it is one of my goals for May. After a huge cheat day yesterday (Belgian waffle, legit Mexican food…ugh) I was feeling so sick today that I barely ate! Typically my “cheat days” consist of just one meal that I’ve been craving versus a whole day of nonsense. I will NOT make that mistake again.

Here’s a highlight of last weeks Keto meals. 3 of the dinners involved simple frozen turkey burgers I picked up from Aldi. They are so quick to fry up and versatile…I’m hooked!



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