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May Goals

I am still finding it hard to process that it is MAY already! This year is flying by. It honestly doesn’t feel like May in Michigan right now. We’re going through a cold and crappy spurt and I am so ready for warmth. Because of this crummy cold my day off turned into an unintentional cheat day. I felt so cozy at home so any motivation went out the window. I had plans but ended up napping (twice HA) and am still snacking on things I know I shouldn’t. An off day or two wont hurt my progress 🙂


The last few months have been a huge period of transformation for me. Losing 19 pounds since Jan 1st (holy crap) has changed me not just physically but also mentally. Not that I wasn’t happy in my own skin before this started, but it’s just a different kind of happy. A healthy happy I suppose! Here’s what I want out of May 🙂

  • Solidify a routine: My first semester back to school just started, my sleep is all over the place, etc. I NEED to get it in control so I don’t feel like a zombie anymore. Also eating at random times each day has me feeling off.
  • Get moving: I will admit that I have absolutely slacked on my workouts the last month. I really can’t pinpoint why, probably just pure laziness. It happens- back to the grind.
  • Unplug: The nights I used to spend curled up with a book have shifted to mindlessly scrolling through Facebook for hours. That needs to change- welcome to any and all book suggestions!

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