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Egg Fast Experiment Conclusion

I really wanted to continue on to the full 5 day egg fast but unfortunately cannot. I woke up this morning with some intense stomach pain/digestive issues (yeah yeah TMI), which I’m assuming is from the lack of fiber and increase in dairy. Despite having to quit at the 3 day mark I did see results. My bloating from the weekends cheat foods disappeared and I lost a total of 4 pounds in just 2.5 days! Which means I am officially down 17 pounds total since new years. If I face any stalls in my weight loss in the future, I would definitely try out this egg fast again. However, I would supplement my fiber so that I do not face the same stomach issues and limit dairy.

I held out through lunchtime and then decided to break my fast at dinner time. It felt good to eat normal food again, especially veggies!


1 cup coffee, 1 Tbsp kerrygold butter, 1 Tbsp MCT oil, 1 Tbsp heavy cream, 1 pkt of sweet n’ low.

LUNCH: 2 hard boiled eggs



1 chicken thigh stuffed with a garlicy cream cheese mix and spinach, wrapped in 2 slices of applewood smoked bacon, and baked on a pan with some mushrooms drizzled in olive oil. Also had a serving of cheesy cauliflower rice 🙂

SNACKS: 1 block of 85% dark chocolate and an iced coffee with 2 Tbsp heavy cream, 1 Tbsp SF vanilla syrup, and a little bit of stevia.

MACROS: 51g protein, 12g net carbs, 125g fat


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