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Thursday Thoughts

It’s crazy to me that in two weeks I’ll officially be back in school. It doesn’t seem like it’s been over three years since I stopped attending in the first place, but I am happy it worked out this way. There is too much pressure early in adulthood to figure out what you want to do with your life, and although I can’t say what I’m going back for is what I want to do forever, it’s what I want to do now- and that’s okay.


I guess since I’m turning 25 this summer we shall call this college adventure my quarter life crisis? Sure, let’s roll with that 🙂

Honestly though, it’s never too late to get it done. I strongly encourage the gap year (or 3…oops). Take time to travel, experience life, research anything, and try a few different jobs. Discover what makes your mind/heart excited. If I hadn’t done those things I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I am doing an accelerated online program, so the next year and a half will be filled with nonstop assignments, tests, readings, overpriced textbooks, and more! To mentally prepare myself I have planned two mini trips, an overdue hair appointment, and as much sleep as possible all in these upcoming 2 weeks before my fun side has to be quiet and let the brain do it’s thing for a while.


Much love-


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