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One Month On Keto

After one month on this lifestyle I can honestly say it has done wonders. My energy levels are at an all time high, bloat is down, and I really don’t miss carbs that much. I have been keeping my net carb intake at less than 40g day, sugar intake less than 25g, and fat intake at about 120g.  It took me about 2 weeks to figure out what intake was best for me, and from what I read it varies for everyone.

My starting weight on March 1st (after gaining a teeny bit back after vacation) was 186.6. Today:


What an excitement to be under 180 for the first time since I got married in January of last year! With working out 5 days a week I have seen my body start changing as the scale does.

Food highlights:

10 thoughts on “One Month On Keto”

    1. It is working amazing. I have a lot of energy and have gone down two sizes! I don’t eat 25 grams of sugar, that’s what I aim to stay under. My daily intake is usually less than 10 grams.


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