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Sightings At Sea

Maybe it’s just me, but one of my favorite parts of cruising is seeing all the random things far out in the ocean. Here’s a few snapshots from our cruise last month. I wish I would’ve been able to get a shot of the flying fish and the dingy full of fisherman- camera wasn’t readily available!

Random yacht pretty far out from any islands
Massive boulder about 2 hours out from St. Thomas
Lonesome lighthouse off the coast of Cuba

2 thoughts on “Sightings At Sea”

  1. Yes, Emily, that is true. You can always see something different while at Sea. The Flying Fish used to be found on the decks of my Destroyer while at sea. We’d pick them up and just throw them back into the sea. They can’t fly very far. Just a short distance. Just a little info. When you see the horizon from the ship, it’s 15 miles away. Does not look it, does it?

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