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Today, I felt extremely happy about the progress I’ve made. I really haven’t had a breakthrough moment yet that made see my weight loss for myself. I grabbed a vest to wear that previously was too small to zip up and to my surprise…it fit perfectly! I almost cried.

On the left is me on Thanksgiving of last year. I was in a period where I was not weighing myself because I was terrified of what the scale would tell me. If I had to guess I would imagine it was close to or maybe an even 200 pounds. (I eventually weighed myself Jan 1st and was 194.5 at the start of this journey) On the right is me today weighing in at 182.6. I’m feeling more motivated than ever to keep working toward my goal and getting in the best shape of my life 🙂


To anyone who is struggling with weight loss- YOU CAN DO IT!! ❤



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