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In my efforts to be healthier, I have tried the majority of the veggie “noodles” out there. A select few I can tolerate but it seems like none of them have the right texture or taste to trick me into thinking I’m eating actual noodles. My mom gave me a box of Banza chickpea elbow noodles to try out and all I have to say is…WOW!

With the diet plan I’m currently following, my carb intake is very low, so since a serving of these is about 24g net carbs I have to cut my portion a bit smaller, but it is totally worth it. (tonight I splurged because of excitement) These seriously have the same texture and taste as regular noodles! I was honestly surprised and I will most definitely be keeping these on hand for our pasta nights. I topped these with some olive oil and parmesan cheese, as well as a sauteed vegetable mixture.



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