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My Veggie Year- Week 8

This week I actually had some time to make some pretty meals, aside from the usual protein shake and salads. It was nice enough to get out and walk instead of using the ol’ treadmill. And, I invested in a decent yoga mat and resistance bands to build up my strength and flexibility.

Official weight loss is at 11 pounds as of this morning! To be honest, I don’t notice any huge differences just yet. The main things I can see are the lack of an over bloated tummy, my face is more defined, and I have to wear a belt with certain pants. You can bet when I hit the 20 pound mark I am going shopping! 🙂

This week in food:




1 thought on “My Veggie Year- Week 8”

  1. These meals are pretty! I’m working on losing weight too, it’s hard…especially with all the tempting carbs. I had a waffle for breakfast, a veggie sandwich for lunch, and then popcorn for a snack, augh…at least i danced for an hour…

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