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Your Life Is Your Own!

Good morning and happy Saturday! I hope everyone had an amazing week.

This morning I came across this quote and it immediately resonated with me:


I have touched on this slightly before, but I think it is extremely important to reiterate. I myself have struggled with comparing my life to others. At almost 25, there is definitely an expectation of how life should be going. I definitely felt the pressure shortly after getting married last year.

Society’s timeline: Go to college, get married, buy a home, have children immediately, work a 9-5 the next 30+, retire, travel modestly. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s time to recognize that this timeline is not ideal for everyone. It took me a while to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with how my timeline differs from the traditional one.

My timeline: reluctantly obtain an associates degree because I had no idea what I wanted to do, live together 3 years to test out the waters, got married, cheap rent in a comfy condo, NO CHILDREN/NOPENOPENOPE, have an emotional breakdown and enroll back in school for my bachelors, and travel far and wide in between all of this…the rest remains unknown.

Regardless of what others are doing, you have to be happy with your timeline. It’s what is working best for you in your own life. Comparison will only cause grief and it is not worth it one bit! I like my cheap rent. I like being able to up and leave on the weekends without worrying about a babysitter (just a kitty-sitter). And I love the uncertainty that keeps me on my toes. I’ve started to trust my completely out of order/randomized timeline, as it has brought me some of the most joyous moments of my life.


1 thought on “Your Life Is Your Own!”

  1. Wonderful choice to not have children. A couple days ago I read an article that had stories from many couples about how they regretted having children. I’m 56, looking back I should have chose not to have them. Of course I love my babies though.

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