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Harmony of the Seas- Worlds Largest Cruise Ship!

Last week was one for the books! We spent an amazing week on the current biggest cruise ship in the world. I was extremely impressed from the second I stepped foot on the ship. I’m going to give you an overview of my favorite parts of the ship. I’ll be doing a review of the specialty restaurants we dined at next week.


Here’s a little info about the ship itself. Despite how many people were on board, it NEVER felt crowded at any time!


And here’s the beauty docked in St. Thomas. People who were on other ships would walk by in absolute awe.



To be honest, we really didn’t spend much time at the pools. We did however utilize the adults only Solarium, which was outstanding. There were 3 levels to it, cabanas, hot tubs, it’s own bistro, and a nice bar. We spent a good amount of our sea days floating around in the hot tubs and sipping on Daiquiris. Did I mention the glass ledge overlooking the ocean?! Talk about a rush!


This aqua theater is an experience you must have if you cruise on the Harmony. The show was out of this world and the talent of the performers were incredible. Doing high dives on a moving ship into a tiny pool- talk about skill!


We had a good time at all of the bars. In fact, our favorite bar was a tiny little one in the middle of central park (I’ll outline central park a little later), the bartenders were hilarious! But two other bars on the ship were something I’ve never seen before. An elevator bar…and a robot bar. You heard that right…robot bar. Using tablets, you choose a drink from a list, or enter in your own, and robot arms mix it up for you. Now the elevator bar was super neat. It is a slow ride and only travels up and down a few floors. But if you wanted to have a drink and avoid taking the stairs…that’s the place to be!


Taking a walk through central park is absolutely beautiful. The live trees and a nice breeze makes you feel as though you’re not even on a ship. Here you’ll find a few of the specialty restaurants and the second entry to the elevator bar. I highly suggest the sangria at the wine bar to compliment an evening stroll šŸ™‚


The boardwalk on the harmony became our go-to spot after dinner most nights (and in the morning for coffee). There’s a Johnny Rockets, Sabor (Mexican restaurant), hot dog stand, Starbucks, arcade, and even a full size carousel! There’s also a few shops and the entrance to the aqua theater. Every night after dinner…and a few drinks…you could find us riding around the carousel and laughing the night away.

Have you also sailed on the Harmony? I’d love to hear your experience!



3 thoughts on “Harmony of the Seas- Worlds Largest Cruise Ship!”

  1. My husband doesn’t do planes so if I want to go away we have to do it by cruise ship! It really is the life. I love cruising. We’ve only been with P&O, hard to move away from one company when you’re building up loyalty points. Harmony of the Sea sounds amazing though, seemed like it would be just too big for me but your post has got me thinking..! x

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