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Self Acceptance

Over the last two years I tried (unsuccessfully) many times to get healthy again. Each time I would fail within a week or two and go right back to eating terrible and moving around as little as possible. I’d get very depressed and felt like a total failure. As I begin week 5 of a successful health journey, there are some things I learned that made all the difference this time around.


Before I could change my lifestyle and work towards a better me, I had to learn to love and accept myself BEFORE even beginning. I was always so focused on changing everything I hated about my body that when I would fail, the self loathing would escalate. It was a vicious cycle that needed to end. Once I learned to embrace my body at whatever shape it was in, it made me feel empowered. My mindset shifted from getting rid of all this “fat,” to fueling my body and mind with the nutrients and inspiration it needs.

Learning not to care about beauty standards or how others look at you is key in this. I don’t work out or eat better to look “ideal” for anyone. I am filling my body with good things and running off the stress for myself, and only myself. If someone picks at how you look the problem is not with you, it is 100% them!

Learn to love yourself, and I promise you will not regret it ❤


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