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Vacation Preparation

Good evening all! I am officially halfway though week 4 of my new lifestyle. It has been quite the journey and I’ve been working my butt off! I’ve been told that after 28 days it becomes a habit without much thought…I think I may already be there a few days early 🙂

With all of this vacation excitement coming up, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous of all the temptation- especially since we have the unlimited drink package for the cruise! Since I have been on a few cruises before, I feel more prepared to not go overboard (no pun intended) on the goodies. Here’s a few tips for my fellow health conscious cruisers.

  • Check out the gym! I did some research on the ship we are sailing on, and lucky for me the gym is only one deck below ours. There is also a smoothie/fruit bar in there so I can stick to my normal breakfast and begin the day with a good workout.
  • Go easy on the salt/fried foods: With a 24 hour buffet/room service it is very easy to load up on the junk. Moderation is key- you are on vacation after all 🙂
  • Get your swim on: Swimming is a great exercise and the pools are open a majority of the day. You’ll find me there on sea days!
  • Stay hydrated: If you’re like me and are used to drinking a certain amount of water a day, don’t let it slip. There is free water 24/7 in many different locations.

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