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My Veggie Year- Week 3

Week 3 of this lifestyle change is coming to an end. This week I upped my workouts from 3x to 5x. Monday-Wednesday-Friday I run on the treadmill, Tuesday-Thursday I work on abs/arms. So far so good! I did have my cheat meal last night at my hubby’s work party…you just can’t say no to a 4 course authentic Italian dinner AND chocolate lava cake.

I’ve also found a DELICIOUS protein powder that I am loving! The vanilla one I have just wasn’t cutting it. I am a huge chocolate fan but didn’t want to wreck my diet with sugar filled treats. I found this brand on Amazon and it is so fudgey and wonderful when mixed with 6 oz of chocolate almond milk & 3 oz plain almond milk 🙂


I also purchased this hilarious and nutritious cookbook. It is all Vegan and full of amazing recipes. I can’t wait to start cooking my way through it.


This week in food:





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