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Love Yourself

I am absolutely overjoyed that our cruise is less than a month away! But despite my excitement, I found myself a little upset as I am a bit heavier than I was last year on vacation. Trying on the current shorts/swimsuits I own and not fitting in them was kind of a low blow. I will admit I felt some intense anxiety at the thought of being in a swimsuit in public.


Last night as I was searching around online for a swimsuit, I had an epiphany. Why was I searching for one pieces to hide myself? Am I not good enough to prance around comfortably in a cute bikini? How can one enjoy themselves if they’re constantly worried about how others view them? It’s not possible. I threw out those negative thoughts and ordered an adorable bikini. And while Ā I was out shopping today, found another one and bought that too!

You cannot let the fear of judgment, especially when it comes to your body, ruin your own self esteem. All that matters is that YOU are comfortable! More now than ever we need to change the current beauty standards and embrace every single body type. Instilling confidence is key šŸ™‚


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