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Morning Thoughts

As I sit here sipping on my coffee, snuggled up with the kitty cat, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I’ve been reflecting on this year for a few days now and I can’t believe how life has come full circle. 7 months ago after some major tragedies, I remember feeling hopeless and my nerves were shot. Now, those feelings are gone. The negativity and sadness have been released and we found joy. The fact that my anxiety is finally under control again is more than I could have hoped for.

I truly believe who you keep in your life makes a huge impact as well. I hear people often say “Well it’s family, you HAVE to at least try,” but I don’t believe that to be necessarily true. If people are so unbelievably toxic to your happiness and well-being, I don’t care if they’re technically “family,” it’s unacceptable. I’ll continue to wish for peace for those who can’t seem to find it.

I hope the new year brings joy to everyone. I’m looking forward to the fresh start and new opportunities that await 🙂


2 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts”

  1. Happy New Year Emily! Though not family, I shedded a couple of toxic people in the last two years and I absolutely agree, it is the healthiest thing you can do to insure your happiness. Hope your 2017 is full of great things!

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