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November Goals


We’ve had some strange weather so far this Fall in the mitten. Some days are freezing, others like today are in the 60’s and tolerable. I am looking forward to this month and any challenges it may bring. Here are some goals I have for November 🙂

  1. Get out more: I’ve been stuffed up and lazy for too long, time to explore!
  2. Start a workout routine: If I’ve lost 6 pounds this month just from a diet change, I’d love to see what exercise does for me.
  3. Express more gratitude: We get so lost focusing on the negatives, I want to spend more time showing thankfulness and positivity to those around me.
  4. Host a grand Thanksgiving dinner: Gotta’ top last year!
  5. Pay off a credit card: Necessary evils of adulthood.

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