Nov. 8th

This will be my one and only political rant ever because this election year has been one of the nastiest I have experienced.

I truly wish Nov. 8th would come sooner so we can all do our civic duty and vote so this nonsense can be done and over with. I really cannot believe this is the reality in our country at this time. I used to enjoy scrolling through Facebook and Twitter for entertainment, now it is nothing but serious arguments and threats being thrown around like jokes. It is embarrassing that no one can have a CIVIL conversation about important issues that effect each one of us.

Not to mention, the serious slander AND media lies/exaggerations coming from both sides of the equation. My head hurts from seeing too many shared articles that are completely false. People are becoming blind to the truth and not doing any actual research. At this point in the game it is sad that whichever direction things go, it’s not going to end well.



3 thoughts on “Nov. 8th”

  1. I totally agree with your thoughts Emily. I’m 55 years young, not elderly but old enough to remember a much kinder, gentler America. The American media has become a hard-left tool, used to lie to the masses rather than do honest journalism. About four years ago, I decided to remove the “news” on TV and radio from my life as much as possible.

    It can’t be avoided 100% but I do a good job. For the first time in my life I truly don’t believe I have a candidate to vote for. They are both unqualified for the highest office in the land. One knows all about money and making business deals. The other from my perspective should be setting in a prison cell for gross criminal violations.

    And this is the America being left for our children to inherit?

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