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I’m always keepin’ it real with you guys, so I thought I’d share this.

I had a wonderful day with my awesome friends yesterday. My good friend is getting married next summer and we went on a hunt for our bridesmaid dresses. As much as I was super excited for this, I also felt a sense of dread. The last year I have not been most health conscious.

As we began trying things on I quickly realized my dress size has gone up. My friends looked wonderful in everything and I did not fit into many of the dresses. I’m thankful that we all found a beautiful gown that looks great on all of us, but still the rest of the day I kept thinking about all the other gowns and how my body did not look how it used to in anything.

Despite how big into the body positivity movement I’ve been, I still have these days where I can’t stand seeing myself in the mirror. I could make every excuse in the book and use all of the stresses as excuses for gaining an extra 15 pounds, on top of the 20 I’d already put on, but it does me no good. Yesterday was a realization that I am on a horribly unhealthy path, and it’s time to get myself back in gear.




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