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The Friend Who Wasn’t Much Of A Friend

We’ve all been there, so I feel like many will be able to relate to this.

Recently I had a blast from the past try to communicate with me. It was very difficult for me to make the decision, yet again, to end the conversation quickly and I had a very overwhelming sense of guilt for doing so. But the unfortunate truth about this relationship- it was meant to stay in the past.

We met in 5th grade and instantly clicked. Never had I met any other person with the same dorky sense of humor and lack of concern for what’s in fashion or any of that nonsense. We spent almost ever moment in school and outside of school together for years following. We even went on vacations with each others family and shared holiday’s together.

We barely had any kind of confrontation until the teen years hit. She was much more boy crazy than I, and I quickly became the slightly chubby and funny friend who didn’t get as much attention (in my defense, I was a late bloomer). I began to get tossed aside any time a new boyfriend or more rebellious of a friend entered her life. I started to make more friends and become social, but always made sure to include her…although many times she refused to hang out in a group and I’d begin to receive passive aggressive texts and what not. Any small argument would immediately turn into me getting called every name in the book. But as usual, I would just take it and forgive/forget.

Things really exploded after graduating high school. I was working two jobs, attending college, and began dating my now husband. She wasn’t working or going to school, and became furious that I wasn’t spending all of my time with her. I really didn’t have much free time, so when I did I wanted to get everyone together as a group. She wasn’t having any of that. The constant lying is what really started to bother me as well. After a couple of months of this I received a series of harsh text messages and phone calls berating myself, my family, and my husband. At this point I knew there was no forgiving whatsoever. What was done was done and the damage was irreparable.

Three years went by before we spoke again. By this point our lives had gone in complete opposite directions. She really wanted to give our friendship another try, and I thought maybe it was worth it. I really hoped things would be different but she was still up to the same unfortunate antics. So I slowly distanced myself and another two years went by before receiving a message the other day. It was truly difficult to keep it short and sweet. Some friendships can be just as damaging as relationships, and need to stay in the past. I still wish her all the best in life and I do not view the past with an angry heart.


3 thoughts on “The Friend Who Wasn’t Much Of A Friend”

  1. Wow. I so very much admire your maturity and resolve in this situation Emily. Welcome to the ‘tossing toxic people out of my life’ club. I’ve been through this with only one person so many years ago. Those which we thought were besties but in the end became those whom became toxic rubbish. Two thumbs up. 👍🏻👍🏻

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  2. I can really relate to this.I wrote a post a little while ago about a toxic friend of mine. I think it is so sad that relationships have to end that way. It is good that you have well wishes for this person and can also know your worth when it comes to relationships. 🙂

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