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As a kid, I used to dread driving though Ohio on our way down south. I can remember endless cornfields and flat roads. As an adult, it was much more exciting! Last week on Wednesday I took a day trip with my grandparents down to Port Clinton, Ohio. Port Clinton is a cute little town that borders Lake Erie. It was actually a pretty nice ride and took about 2 & 1/2 hours from where we live in Michigan.

We ate lunch at Phil’s Diner. It opened in 1948 and the inside sure reflected it’s age. My Papa said that this little diner was where he brought my Nana to meet his parents for the first time before they were married in the 50’s. He also used to hang out there with his Navy buddies.


Next we went to the town of Lakeside. My Papa spent many years there as a child/teen. They lived just a few houses down from Lake Erie. We stopped and walked around the pier and he pointed out where you could see Put-in-bay and Cedar Point. We ended our day with a visit to Marblehead Lighthouse.


It was truly a wonderful afternoon. I very much enjoy spending time with my grandparents and hearing all of their stories from way back when ❤





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