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Registry Dilemma

Our reception is just over two weeks away, eek! We are both so excited to spend time with our amazing family and celebrate. Hard to believe we’ve already been married 6 months. We still feel that having a tiny wedding far away was the best choice for us, but I’m hearing the same question over and over again lately…

WHAT, no registry?!

That’s right. We made the decision to NOT have a wedding registry. Here’s my reasoning: We’ve been together 5.5 years, and have lived together 4 of these years. Over these past four years we have either purchased the necessities ourselves or received some good hand me downs/gifts from family. There is nothing wrong with making a registry for upgraded items and what not, but personally I just felt selfish at the thought of getting rid of things that still worked to make room for the more expensive goodies. We’re having a card box but I am not expecting anything, we really just want everyone together 🙂

OUR WEDDING! 021.jpg

Our elopement in St. Thomas ❤

January 4th, 2016.


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