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Goals For July


I may be a bit biased because my birthday is this month, but July has always been my favorite. Everything is so green, flowers booming, and beautiful weather. Summer in Michigan is in full swing. June was quite chaotic and I really didn’t get to accomplish many things, so I’ve put together a list of goals I have for this month.

  • Increase my sales at work: I’ve always been a tad socially awkward, especially when I’m trying to make suggestions to customers. I’ve been getting better each month, but this month I really want to hit my goal and get a good pace going.
  • DIY everything: I spend hours each week pinning all these wonderful DIY crafts, and barely making any of them. The few things I made over the last couple weeks brought me so much joy and I want to continue letting those creative vibes flow!
  • Get enrolled in college: I put in my application at a University, all that’s left is updating my info at the community college so my transcripts can transfer over. I am very close to my Bachelors degree in Management and I am determined to finish it.
  • Pamper myself: I’m talking full on hair/nails/massage. My birthday is this month and that’s how I want to spend it.
  • Pay off a chunk of debt: Credit cards are evil. I’ve started chipping away at them already and hope to see them all down significantly by the end of this month.

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