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DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Good morning! Our wedding reception is a quick 32 days away. Instead of buying a bunch of pre-made decorations off of Etsy, I have been making my own. I swear I’ve spent hours in the craft store already! A few weeks ago I made our card box (you can check that out here) and this weekend was spent making our centerpieces and guest book, which I’ll share later as well.


The centerpieces were super easy to make. I took mason jars and poured sand in the bottoms, carefully placed sea shells on the sand, hand painted anchors and strung them around the top so they slightly hung in the center, and put some fake dollar store flowers in the jar (did not want to deal with real flowers). And viola! Easy peasy.


3 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Centerpieces”

  1. These are lovely! My fiance and I are doing a nautical theme as well. We’re trying to keep it subtle, simple, and inexpensive. Our reception venue has fishbowl vases that they’re letting us use, and we’re going to fill them with water and have stones and coral (free, collected from beaches we’ve been to!) at the bottom as well as a little waterproof LED light. The lights are the only expense (bought off of amazon), so that makes $20 for all of the centerpieces. Whoo 🙂


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