One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you so much Life In Lipstick for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award! I am so glad you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy yours as well 🙂 If you haven’t checked out her blog, I highly recommend it!


Part of this nomination is sharing 7 interesting facts about myself for all of you:

1. I am an only child, and have always been content with that

2. I am a descendant of Roger Williams (the founder of Rhode Island)

3. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am addicted to cruising and need to take one every year

4. My favorite place in the country is Topsail Island, North Carolina

5. I really didn’t get into makeup until about two-ish years ago

6. I still have no idea what I want to be when I “grow-up” (because 23 totally isn’t grown up yet)

7. I am a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails and any other project that the genius Trent Reznor has created!

The final part of this is nominating other blogs that I thoroughly enjoy. But I honestly cannot narrow it down enough because I truly enjoy reading each and every one of my fellow bloggers posts. You all inspire me in different ways, whether it be to try a new product, travel to a new destination, or think a bit outside of my norm. Thanks for sharing your lives with me and I am glad to share mine with all of you! ❤


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