Ticketmaster Dissapointment

I have purchased all of my concert through Ticketmaster since I can remember. I was super excited to log in the other day and see vouchers for free tickets due to their recent settlement! Then came the list of eligible events…

NONE in Michigan. All 400 something events…and none anywhere near the mitten. I am curious as to how they deem this fair as I’m sure I’m not the only one currently frustrated by this. The closest ones I could find that I’d be interested in are in Indiana and Pennsylvania.

I could use it as an opportunity to road trip, but that’s a little out of the budge at the moment… 😦



4 thoughts on “Ticketmaster Dissapointment”

  1. Well this stinks! Sorry to hear about this. What did Ticket Master do? They’ve been around longer than I can recall, probably back to the 70’s when I and the crew hit The Joe for Van Halen and The Who concerts.

    This seems very wrong since Michigan has some major venues that the biggest names play. Good Lord, The Joe, Pine Knob, and the Hill.

    “Eligible Events” for me translates as “what benefits the Ticket Master corporation to it’s fullest”. GGGRRR

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      1. Holy crap, that is disgusting man!!!!!!! I’ve been on an anti-corporate rant lately, this may just play right into this.

        The settlement must be in the millions upon millions… Sorry you two are victimized by the greed. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ž By the way, looks like you had a great hair day today! I forgot to add that in my comment. I hope cat daddy is doing better.

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